500 Students


500 Guiding Principles for Students

501 Student Attendance

501.1 Homeless Children & Youth with Exhibits

501.02 Attendance with Administrative Regulations

501.3 Entrance Requirement

501.4 Grade Placement with Administrative Procedures

501.5 Elementary School Transfers with 501.5(R1) Administrative Regulations

501.6 Nonresident Tuition

501.7 International Students

501.8 Open Enrollment Transfers

501.9 Insufficient Classroom Space

501.10 Competent Private Instruction

501.11 Dual Enrollment

501.12 Student Transfers In

501.13 Student Transfers Out or Withdrawals

501.14 Resident Students

501.15 Pregnant Students

501.16 Students of Legal Age

        501.17 Compulsory Attendance

502 Student Behavior and Discipline

502.1 Student Conduct with Administrative Regulations: Student Conduct – Student Suspension

502.2 In-School Suspension, Suspension & Expulsion

502.3 Student Activity Program/Good Conduct with Administrative Procedures

502.4 Weapons

502.5 Student Drug, Tobacco & Alcohol Offenses

502.6 Search & Seizure with Administrative Procedures  and Exhibits (forms)

502.7 Transportation Discipline with Administrative Procedures

502.8 Corporal Punishment, Mechanical Restraint, and Prone Restraint

        502.9 Physical Restraint and Seclusion of Students with Administrative Regulations and the following Exhibits:

502.9E1 Chapter 103 Documentation Form – Use of Physical Restraint and/or Seculstion

502.9E2 Chapter 103 Debriefing Letter to Guardian of Student Involved in an Occurrence Where Physical Restraint and/or Seclusion Was Used

502.9E3 Chapter 103 Debriefing Meeting Document

503 Student Rights & Responsibilities

503.1 Interviews with Students

503.2 Student Handbooks

503.3 Student Appearance with Administrative Procedures

503.4 Promotional Campaigns/Fund Raising with Administrative Procedures

503.5 Student Library Circulation Records

503.6 Care of School Property

        503.7 Student Complaints and Grievances

503.8 Student Lockers

 504 Student Activities

504.1 Student Government

504.2 Student Organizations

504.3 Initiations

504.4 Student Expression and Student Publications with Administrative Procedures

504.5 Public Performance by Students

504.6 Contests for Students

505 Student Health & Safety

505.1 Health & Immunization Certificates

505.2 Communicable Diseases – Students with Administrative Procedures

505.3 Student Illness or Injury at School

505.4 Student Medication Administration  and Student Medication Forms. and Diabetes Self-Management Consent Form

505.5 Student Insurance, General

505.6 Custody and Parental Rights

506 Miscellaneous Student-Related Matters

506.1 Student Records with Administrative Regulations – Use of Records and Exhibits: Authorization for Releasing Student Directory Information

   Exhibit 1 – FERPA Annual Notice

Exhibit 2 – Request of Non-Parent Examination or Copies of Education Records

Exhibit 3 – Authorization for Release of Education Records

Exhibit 4 – Request for Hearing on Correction of Education Records

Exhibit 5 – Request for Examination of Education Records

Exhibit 6 – Letter to Parent Regarding Receipt of Subpoena

        506.2 Student Directory Information with Administrative Regulations and Exhibit – Authorization for Releasing Student Directory Information

506.3 Transcript of Credits

506.4 Commencement

506.5  Graduation Honors

506.6 Graduation Requirements

506.7 Graduation at Mid Year

506.8 Closed Campus

506.9 Control of Student Activity Funds

506.10 School Closings, Weather or Emergency with Winter Weather Administrative Procedures

506.11 Drills/Disaster Planning/Bomb Threats with Disaster Drills Administrative Procedures

506.12 Student Progress Reports and Conferences

506.13 International Exchange Students

506.14 Student Recognition and Incentives

        506.15 Parental Involvement

506.16 Student Photographs

506.16 Class or Student Group Gifts

507 Other

507.1 Special Health Services with Administrative Procedures

       507.2 Wellness Program with Administrative Regulations

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