600 Educational Program


600  General Organization

600.2 School Calendar

600.3 School Hours

600.4 Scheduling Activities

600.5 Conditions of Instruction

601.00 Programs of Instruction

     601.0 Curriculum Development with Administrative Regulations

601.1 Curriculum Implementation

601.2 Curriculum Evaluation

601.3 Talented &Gifted Education

601.4 Summer School Instruction

601.5 Health Education

601.6 Physical Education

601.7 Foreign Study

601.8 Global Education

601.9 Career Education

601.10 Technology & Instructional Materials

601.11 Electronic Resources

601.12 Teaching Controversial Issues

601.13 Co-Curricular Activities

601.14 Teaching About Religion with Administrative Procedures

601.15 Religion Based Exclusion from School Program

601.16 Programs for Students At Risk

601.18 Special Education Programs & Services

601.19 Field Trips

601.20 Student Health Services

601.21 Guidance and Counseling

601.22 Multicultural/Gender Fair Education

601.23 School Bus Safety Instruction

601.24 Citizenship

601.25 School Ceremonies and Observances

601.26 Animals in the Classroom

601.27 Student Production of Materials and Services

601.28 Internet – Appropriate Use with Administrative Regulations – Network and Electronic Mail Guidelines and the following Exhibits:

601.28E1 Student 1:1 Handbook

601.28E2 Student Network and Internet Usage Agreement

601.28E3 Release of Student Name / Photo Form

      601.29 Media Center

602.00 Instructional Materials

602.1 Objection to Instructional Materials and Reconsideration of Instructional Materials with Administrative Regulations and  Exhibit 1 Reconsideration Request Form and Exhibit 2 Instructions

602.2 Pilot and Experimental and Innovative Projects

602.3 Use of Information Resources with Administrative Procedures

               602.4 Instructional Material Selection

602.5 Instructional Materials Inspection

603.1 Student Testing Program

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