601.14 Technology and Instructional Materials



The Board supports the use of innovative methods and the use of technology in the delivery of the education program.  The Board encourages school district personnel to investigate efficient and effective ways to utilize instructional television, audiovisual materials, computers, and other technological advances as a part of the curriculum.

It shall be the responsibility of the superintendent or designee to develop a plan for the use of technology in the curriculum and to evaluate it annually.  The superintendent, or designee, shall report the results of the evaluation and make a recommendation to the Board regarding the use of technology in the curriculum.



Iowa Code 256.17, 279.8, 282.14 (1989)

670 Iowa Administrative Code 3.5(21) .5(10)

281 Iowa Administrative Code 12.5(10) (new standards)


Approved:         4/24/89         Reviewed:          4/23/12           Revised: ___________

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