601.24AP Field Trips Administrative Procedures


Field Trips –  Administrative Procedures

Elementary Classroom Field Trips

Locations selected for field trips shall represent especially meaningful and appropriate educational opportunities for all children assigned to the individual grade levels regardless of their classroom or attendance center location.

Field trips are to be limited to within a 50 mile radius of Muscatine, with the exception of the fifth grade Old State Capitol and Amana Colonies visits.  Any trip beyond the 50 mile limit, with the exceptions noted, shall have the expressed approval of the Board of Education.

No student shall be excluded from any classroom activity/field trip because of inability to pay.

Secondary Classroom and Extra-Curricular Field Trips

Activity sponsors proposing to schedule events or to take a group on a trip are expected to comply with the following:

  1. Tentatively schedule the activities of the group(s) prior to the start of the school year, noting the mileage limitations of 150 miles for middle school and 200 miles for senior high.
  2. Clear such activities, including trips, through the principal or athletic/activities office prior to announcing such plans to any individual(s).
  3. Advise the superintendent and Board of such plans that require the students to be gone from the community overnight and secure approval.
  4. Establish a budget that will reasonably reflect anticipated expenditures and the means of financing the proposed activities covered by said budget.
  5. Trips requiring students to be absent from school for an extended period of time could best take place when school is not in session.
  6. No student should be excluded from any class activity because of inability to pay.
  7. Extra-curricular programs will seek to make participation possible for those students eligible and who desire to participate.
  8. An individual who is part of a group is expected to be present and participate in the activities of that group, unless said sponsor approves the absence.
  9. Students representing the school and its organizations are expected to comply or adhere to school rules and regulations as established by policy, or rule of the sponsor.
  10.  No trips will be scheduled the last ten days of school other than state approved events.
  11. Written consent of the pupil’s parent or legal guardian shall be received in advance of any trip involving public or private transportation.
  12. Students must inform instructors and obtain make-up work prior to leaving and/or proper arrangement made with instructor.







Major Field Trip Request Form

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