700 School Finance and Administration


700 Statement of Guiding Principles

701  Budget

701.1  Budget Planning

701.2  Budget as a Spending Plan

701.3  Transfer of Inactive Account Funds

701.4  Financial Accounting System

702 Revenue

702.1  Local, State, and Federal Income

702.2  Tuition and Fees for Service with Administrative Regulations

702.3  Debt Management Policy with Administrative Regulations

702.4  Investments

702.5  Gifts, Grants and Bequests

702.6  Depository of Funds

702.7  Monies in School Buildings

        702.8 Bond Disclosure Policy with 702.8E1 Bond Disclosure Exhibit 1 and 702.8 E2 Bond Disclosure Policy 

703  Expenditures

703.1  Purchasing and Bidding with Administrative Regulations (R1) Suspension and Debarment of Vendors and Contractors Procedure and (R2) Using Federal Funds in Procurement Contracts

703.2  Purchasing and Paying of Goods and Services

703.3  Unpaid Warrants

703.4  Travel Allowance with Administrative Procedures

703.5  Credit Card Use

704  Fiscal Reports

704.1  Secretary’s and Treasurer’s Monthly Reports

704.2 Treasurer’s Annual Report

704.3  Financial Report, Published

 704.4  Audits

704.5  Capital Assets with Administrative Regulations

704.6  Governmental Accounting Practices and Regulations

705 Care, Maintenance and Disposal of School District Records

705.1 District Records

706 Insurance Program

706.1   Insurance Program

706.2  Periodic Review of Insurance Program

706.3  Fidelity Coverage

707  Internal Controls

708  School Food Services

708.1  School Food Program

708.2 Free or Reduced Cost Meals Eligibility

708.3  Vending Machines

709 Transportation

709.1 Student School Transportation Eligibility

709.2 Student Transportation and Extracurricular Activities

709.3 Summer School Transportation Service

709.4 Transportation of Non-Resident and Non-Public School Students

709.5 Transportation of Non-School Groups

709.6 District Vehicle Idling

        709.7 School Bus Passenger Restraints and Administrative Regulations

709.8 Transportation in Inclement Weather 


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