703.04 Approval and Payment of Goods and Services



The Board of Directors shall issue warrants, upon audit and allowance by the Board, for all just claims against the school district for payment of freight, postage, printing, utilities, travel expenses, and other goods and services, and for payment of salaries pursuant to the terms of written contracts entered into by the Board.

The Board of Directors authorizes the Secretary to issue warrants when said Board of Directors is not in session for payment of properly authorized bills and claims pursuant to the terms of written contracts entered into by the Board, but only upon duly verified bills for same filed with the Secretary.  All claims and salaries for which warrants have been issued prior to audit and allowance by the Board shall be passed upon by the Board at its first meeting thereafter, and shall be entered on records in the regular minutes of the Secretary.

Designated Board members shall approve vouchers by placing signatures of approval on the warrant register listing all bills, with the understanding that the vouchers be available for examination.

LEGAL REF:            Iowa Code Sections 279.36, 291.8, 291.12, 279.30

Approved:           8/14/89           Reviewed:          07/09/12          Revised:       10/23/00__

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