District Office Staff

Last Name First Name Email Phone Extension Duties
Anderson Tom 1110 Director of Finance & Budget, SBO
Bourquin Jill 1109 Director of Human Resources
Bunn Lisa 1104 Support for the Superintendent; Support for the School Board; district communications; open enrollments and student voluntary transfer requests; virtual backpack
Christopher Clint 1106 Superintendent
Comstock Scott 1140 Director of Technology
Day Scott 1115
Payroll Accountant, SBO, Time Cards; Annuities, IPERS; Employee Access Center, Travel Tracker, Time & Attendance (VeriTime)
Dipple Camy 1215 Support for Food Service Supervisor Alisha Eggers; cafteria receipts and disbursements; support for Finance Department
Donald Daphne 1103 Support for the Director of Student Services, Becky Wichers; special education student files; support for SPED, at-risk, TAG, 504, Medicaid
Eggers Alisha 1113 Food Service Supervisor
Ford Lauri 1139 Support for the Executive Director of Teaching and Learning, Joelle McConnaha; Journeys, Springboard
Gillespie LeAnn 1234
HR Coordinator; Supports Certified Staff (Teachers) – job postings, onboarding, offboarding, contracts, lane change, student teacher placements.  Systems support for Human Resources, Absence Management, etc.
Helm Sara 1214 Support for the Director of Finance Tom Anderson; budgets – buildings/departments/grants; grant/district invoicing; general fund deposit receipts; returned check processing; InTouch
Loconsole Tony Director of Communications
Miller Nicole 1112
District Accountant, SBO, Pcard administration, Requests to Travel, Staff Reimbursement; Accounts Payable supervisor – invoices and/or payments
McConnaha Joelle 1107 Executive Director of Teaching and Learning
Nettz Becky 1136 Homeschool Program Supervising Teacher
1136 Home School Coordinator/Teacher
Reyman Anna 1111 HR Coordinator; Supports Hourly Staff – job posting, onboarding, offboarding and Visitor/Volunteer Program.  Systems support for Human Resources, Absence Management, Time and Attendance, Raptor, etc.
Rosa Christina 1101 Welcome Center Receptionist; support for Human Resources
Schmelzer Wendi 1211 Purchasing; assist with invoices/receipting; InTouch
Shingledecker Marsha 1118 Employee benefits; workers comp; accident reports, FMLA, Retiree insurance
Swank Natalie 1114 Support for Finance Department; fixed asset inventory; support for payroll
Svensen David Data Analyst
Wichers Becky 1137 Director of Student Services
Merchant Angie Custodian – Day
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