Bus Lane FAQ



Q. When can I use the bus lane in front of the school?

A. You can use the bus lane to drop off students prior to 7:45 am and after 8:15 am. Our busses drop off our students between 7:50 and 8:15 and we need all traffic to stay out of the bus lane so the students getting off the bus can do so safely.

A. Anytime during the day (after 8:15 and before 2:45) you can use the bus lane to drop-off your child. Bring needed supplies into the school, or for a meeting with school personnel.

A. Please do not use the bus lane after 2:45 so busses can get to their pick up spots without difficulty.

A. Anytime we have games or concerts after school.

Q. When does school start?

A. We would like students in their first period class at 8:23 for the morning announcements with first period starting at 8:25. Students will be counted tardy at 8:25.

Q. When does school dismiss?

A. School is dismissed at 3:20

Q. When does school start on a 2 hour late start delay?

A. Students will be allowed in the building at 9:45 and report to the small gym. No breakfast is served on late start days. Classes begin at 10:20


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