Entering the Building/Morning Success Time FAQ


Q. What time will my child be able to enter West Middle School?

A. Typically, we let students enter the building at 7:45 for breakfast and activities related to Student Success Time. If students arrive before 7:45 we ask that they stay on school grounds IN FRONT OF SCHOOL and remain outside on good weather days.

A. If the weather is rainy, snowy or a temperature is below 20 degrees the students may come into school and go to the small gym located at the front of the building.

A. If your child wants to eat breakfast, they can go to the cafeteria between 7:45 and 8:15 Breakfast is not served on late start days.

A. Students may enter the building prior to 7:45 as determined by their athletic and/or music practices, or pre-arranged meetings with teachers.

A. All other students may enter at 8:15.

Q. I have heard that the school will be providing student success activities before school starts:

A. So far, we have three mornings of the week with different activities. Each day the activity runs from 7:45-8:15. Students may enter the building at 7:45. They can eat breakfast and then go to the activity or go directly to the activity. The activity days are Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday.

Q. What activities are planned in this program?

A. Wednesday – Will begin on September 28 – Community Awareness Programs/Presentations

  • Muscatine County Extension
  • Community/County Services – United Way
  • others

Thursday – Family Resources

  • Middle School Issues
  • Healthy choices in our music we listen to
  • Communication Skills – Use of technology in a healthy way

Friday – Team games sponsored by the Muscatine Community Y.

A. As the program grows we will be offering activities on Monday and Tuesday. If you would like to be involved in helping or sponsoring an activity, call Ed Ellis at West Middle School 263-0411 or email Ed at


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