Staff List

Jefferson Elementary Staff
Position Name Email Address
Principal Dr. Kandy Steel
Secretary Cindy Schaefer
Instructional Coach Mackenzie Strouf
Guidance Counselor Edwin Colon
Guidance Counselor Janet McDaniel
SEBH Sarah Manjoine
Teacher Librarian/STEM Amanda Hotzel
Nurse Julie Kundel
ESL Estella Caffrey
Kindergarten Nicole Nebergall
Kindergarten Melissa Ramsey
Kindergarten Heidi Summitt
First Grade Kaci Small
First Grade Lisa Seaba
First Grade Lynn Hines
Second Grade Jessica Jones
Second Grade Nancy Van Hemert
Second Grade Rachel Wester
Third Grade Morgan Howe
Third Grade Sarah Randleman
Third Grade Brenda Todd
Fourth Grade Laura McDonald
Fourth Grade Cara Shepherd
Fourth Grade Shelly Noel
Fifth Grade Triscia Klein-Laucamp
Fifth Grade John Loos
Fifth Grade Dani Nau
Sixth Grade Stacy Beatty
Sixth Grade Ellen Carey
Sixth Grade Nienhaus, Niki
Physical Education Brendan Nagel
Band Nate Rickard
Orchestra Kayla Priest
Art Wendy Waltert Stansbery
Music, Choir Cole Flack
GT Maria Sneath
Title I Emilee Voss
Title I Karen Brown
Title I Brandi Strorjohann
Special Education Kim Sywassink
Special Education Kathy Haltmeyer
Special Education Katie Miles
Special Education Carlee Jensen
Special Education Kathy Knox
SPED Para Laura Romero
SPED Para Jessica Brown
SPED Para Patty Howell
SPED Para Patty Gaytan
SPED Para Joyce Robbs
SPED Para Mason Kopf
SPED Para Autumn Zybarth
SPED Para Leni Martinez
SPED Para Courtney Klouda
SPED Para Jessica Phillips
SPED Para Rachel McCoy
SPED Para Matt Bettis
ESL Para Edna Valenzuela
DHH Teacher Sarah Hill
Library Clerk Denise Dirth
Building Para Shelly Sides
Building Para Chris Jones
Building Para Debbie Stoube
Custodian Beckie Anderson
Custodian Tara Latimer
Food Service Tammy Marshall
Food Service Jennifer Conover
Food Service Toni Fowler
Food Service Mert Goodrich
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