Pick Up and Drop Off

Arrival & Dismissal

Each grade level will line up outside their designated door (see map).  Teachers will meet the students at the designated door.  All students should be wearing their face covering as they line up and distance a minimum of one  arm length.  For those that do not have face covering on the first day, the staff will have one ready to give to them.  The students will not enter the building until 8:00am.  Arrival time should be no earlier than 7:50 to minimize students waiting outside and supervision will not begin until 8:00am.  If parents plan to walk their student to the designated door where they are lining up, they will also need to wear a face covering.   Parents may not enter the building. We are trying to limit the number of people who enter the building in order to keep the spread of the virus down.  Ideally, saying goodbye to your child in the car would be best.  If you do choose to walk your child to the line up location, please park in the parking lot so the drop off lane can flow..   See the image below to know where your student should line up.

All entrances will be labeled.   If your child arrives after the late bell at 8:20, please have them enter through the main entrance (door B) so we can register their attendance.  From there they will walk to their classroom inside the building.

Students will be dismissed out through the same door as they entered.  If they are meeting a sibling from another grade they can do that once outside).  Reminder that students will come to their designated door  at approximately 3:05.  Walkers will be walked to crosswalks at 3:00.  Bus students will be walked to the gym at 2:50pm.


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