Staff List

MHS Staff List
Department Name Email Address
Social Studies Kurt Acord
Attendance Clerk Susan Adams
Tech Support Jose Alvidrez
Special Ed Megan Aring
Math Pam Aschbrenner
Security Liaison Bob Baillie
Instructional Coach Mark Begey
Special Ed Aide Rochelle Bonebrake
Secretary-Principal Doreen Borde
Science Michael Bobay
Tech Support Korey Bunn
Vocal Music Teale Burford
World Language – ESL Cassie Calderon
Building Aide Cecilia Calderon
Special Ed Diana Cale
Language Arts Pamela Cantrell
Food Service Manager Lisa Carter
Asst. Principal Ryan Castle
Asst. Principal Clerical Ginger Chatfield
Science Heather Clark
World Lang – Spanish Megan Cleveland
Building Para ESL Elisa Colon
Language Arts Stephanie Cromer
Special Ed Aide Abeer Dabeet
Special Ed Angela Daggs
Family/Consumer Science Kathy Danner
AG Josh Day
At-Risk Social Studies Kathy Degner
Science Lisa Dicken
Math Jamie Dojutrek
Building Aide Wynna Draper
MHS Custodial Supervisor Lori Dusenberry
iJAG Coordinator 9-10 Miranda Durham
Court Liaison Heather Duytschaever
Physical Education Ann Edkin
Registrar Melody Edkin
Special Ed Aide Emily Eichelberger
Social Studies Chris Foxen
Special Ed Aide Diane Frantz
Building Aide Leonor Garcia
ALC Scot Gehret
Telephone Tech Randy Gerdts
Special Ed Aide Kristi Gibson
World Language – Spanish Marina Gomez
Language Arts Mary Goedken
Language Arts Randy Guerra
Media Aide Alvin Halpain
Social Studies Rachel Hansen
Physical Education DJ Hawkins
Counselor – Career Planning Karey Hawkins
Art Jame Hayes
Science Emily Hegenbart
Band Jeffery Heid
Social Studies Kenedy Heimerdinger
AEA Brenna Hill
World Language – ESL Denise Hillman
Special Ed Bill Hines
Math Mitch Hines
Principal Terry Hogenson
Special Ed – Work Experience Marcus Holler
Cafeteria Teresa Holliday
Security Anthony Holmes
Special Ed Annette Hovland
Math Jacob Huebener
Language Rebecca Huot
Social Studies Alex Iosbaker
Custodial Isaac James
Behavior Interventionist Ben Johns
Science Justin Johnson
Special Ed Joseph Kane
Media Aide Connie Keitel
Special Ed Shannon Kelsey
Librarian Jen Keltner
Social Studies Kyle Kennedy
Language Arts Austin Kinsey
Industrial Tech Ryan Kitzmann
Gifted & Talented Ron Knapper
Special Ed Laura Koch
At-Risk Lang Arts Amy Konczyk
At-Risk Science Cathy Kramer
Building Aide Marika Krause
Resource Navigator Elyse Kress
Counselor – 9th Troy Kulland
World Lang –  Chinese Heidi Kuo
Nurse Teresa Kulick
Special Ed Aide Stacy Lambert
AEA Deb Lara
Language Art Lynette Larson
Social Worker Patty Lawrence
Building Aide Wade Lee
Science Jenifer Leslein
Special Ed Aide Autumn Lick
Math Amy Lilienthal
Industrial Tech Bryce Lightner
Special Ed Bob Long
Physical Education Robin Long
Math Neftali Lopez Duprey
Building Aide Vanessa Lopez
Special Ed Aide Joe Lovell
Success Center Josh Lukavsky
Building Aide – ESL Belen Marquez
Building Aide Cruz Martinez
Maintenance Doug Mathes
Drama Advisor Rene Mauck
Counselor – 11th Grade Scott Mauck
Special Ed Aide Jon McConnell
Math Gabe McDonald
Special Ed Aide – Work Exp. Carol McKillip
Special Ed Aide Tammera McLaughlin
Student Services Clerk Kris Meeker
Language Arts Matt Meyer
Family & Consumer Science Katie Meyers
Student Services Clerk Allie Meineke
World Language David Moeller
Special Ed Aide Alex Morales Lopez
Food Service Cindy Mueller
Building Aide Jennifer Mutu
World Language – German Charles Netzer
Asst. Principal Staci Orr
AG Sam Paul
World Language – French Deb Paulsen
School Resource Officer Whitni Pena
Science Angela Pautz
Language Arts Kindra Petersen
Special Ed Aide Brigette Peterson
Social Studies Grant Pippert
Fine Arts / Band Lee Plummer
Switchboard/Workroom Jane Price
Language Arts Alex Rauenbuehler
Special Ed Aide Katie Reeves
AEA – Hearing Impaired Interpreter Jessica Rhodes
Instructional Coach / Social Studies Matt Rivera
Attendance Mary Lou Roberson
Special Ed Kelly Robison
Language Arts Mark Rusch
Counselor – At Risk Kara Russell
Vocal Music Jonathan Ryan
Math Angela Sage
Special Ed Aide April Samuelson
Special Ed Aide Abigail Saucedo
World Language – Spanish Kathleen Schippers
Physical Education Spencer Shepherd
Food Service Cindy Simons
Fine Arts / Art Ryan Slattery
Special Ed Aide Trish Sloan
Building Aide – ESL Michelle Smith
Fine Arts Alyce Spoto
Special Ed Para Katie Stauffer
At-Risk Social Studies Jason Stoltzfus
Secretary – Activities/Athletics Mindy Stoltzfus
At-Risk Science Luke Turelli
Fine Arts / Orchestra Jon Thoma
Language Arts Misha Thoma
Special Ed Erin Thomas
Special Ed Aide Alisha Titus
Special Ed Teri Toliver
Instructional Coach Tech Tristan Tolle
AG Dave Tometich
Special Ed Mike Truitt
Activities/Athletic Director Tom Ulses
Math Joe Vitali
Science Sarah Walsh
Science Alison Warren
Special Ed Mindy Wells
Counselor – 10th Grade Brandon Welsch
AEA Kayla Werner
Social Studies Adam Wiley
Business John Windham
Building Para Pat Winegard
Counselor – 12th Grade Dani Wolfe
Math / Physics Cindy Yoose
AEA Jasmine Young”]
Instructional Coach / Math Derek Zabransky
Industrial Tech Brayden Zaruba
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