February 2020 Outstanding Employees

The MCSD Employee Recognition Award is for those employees who go above and beyond on a continual basis for students, staff, and/or parents. Nominations can come from the community, parents, staff members and students. The district will be recognizing employees monthly in their buildings as well as at the televised board meeting of that month. The district would like to take this opportunity to introduce to you and congratulate February’s best of the best at MCSD! To nominate a deserving individual, fill out the Employee Recognition Form.

Janine Arnold – Science Teacher, Central Middle School
Nominated by Tyler Lucas and Heather Young

“Janine Arnold gave me and many others somewhere to go when we had a bad day. She pushed me to my absolute limit, only wanting the best for me and my peers. She helped me with my weight loss journey, I lost over 20 pounds, within the school year. She gave me advice on how to be the best human possible and continues and will continue wherever she goes next year. I know she will love them as much as she loved me during my time at Central Middle School.” Tyler Lucas

“She’s an outstanding teacher with a lot of heart and she’s helped my daughter through a lot.” Heather Young

Jill Church – Instructional Coach, Grant Elementary
Nominated by Lisa Paul

“It is my pleasure to nominate Jill Church for this distinction.  She has continually gone above and beyond for Grant teachers, students, and parents.  Most recently she has helped plan, organize, and run our Lead and Learn Night. She is a very helpful resource for our PLC meetings and puts in extra time to make sure students are getting the instruction they need.  Our school recently went from having two instructional coaches down to one, and Jill has picked up extra responsibilities without any complaints. On behalf of Grant teachers – we thank you and appreciate you, Jill!”


Patti Fritz and Mary Lou Roberson – Attendance Center – District-Wide
Nominated by Lisa Bunn, Mike McGrory, District Administrative Team

“As attendance center employees, Mary Lou and Patti take hundreds of phone calls on a daily basis from parents throughout the district regarding absences, tardies, doctor appointments, etc. Additionally, when the district calls a late start or when the weather has the potential to be problematic, they are inundated with even more calls from parents who elect to not have their children attend school. They also are the recipients of attendance letter phone calls. Many times the callers are upset, and Mary Lou and Patti are oftentimes subjected to loud voices and colorful language. Despite this, they both have a calming demeanor and offer our families a caring and empathetic ear and voice. 

Their efforts to provide the utmost of customer care keeps many phone calls away from myself and my office. I know they work hard to help parents first and foremost before sending their concerns to the next tier which is something that is not required of them and greatly appreciated. Several parents have also reached out to the superintendent’s office to share their appreciation for their caring attitude when they call about their child’s illness.

Additionally, Mary Lou & Patti make connections with each of the building’s principals by spending time in their buildings supporting their attendance teams so that they can work together to strengthen relationships amongst our families and schools. They are a valuable resource for principals!

I would like to take this opportunity to thank and recognize both Mary Lou and Patti for all they do to support Muskie families and staff which directly supports our Muskie students.” Lisa Bunn

Patti and Mary Lou do an outstanding job of coordinating the district student attendance data for all of our schools. Both of them possess strong interpersonal skills, have excellent problem-solving abilities, and their compassionate natures ensure that parents feel supported and heard.  Their kind and friendly demeanors generate a positive impression of our district.” Mike McGrory and the District Administrative Team

Brian Willett – Special Education Teacher, West Middle School
Nominated by Julie Reimers, Jordan Eggers, and Kelsey Mahlstedt

“He is a caring teacher. He goes above to help the kids learn and be successful in school.” Julie Reimers

“Brian goes above and beyond for his students at all times. He gives them nothing but respect throughout the day, no matter how hard his day might be.” Jordan Eggers

“Brian Willett is very responsible and respectful to his students. He is very helpful in making sure they can complete their daily tasks and providing the best care to get them through their day. He is very caring and compassionate about his work and students.” Kelsey Mahstedt


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