Info Center is Here!

Dear Muscatine Community School District Families and Faculty,

Several days ago, we conducted an SMS Text Messaging opt-in campaign via SchoolMessenger, our communications provider. Text messaging is the preferred method of receiving communcations for many of our stakeholders, so this was an important addition to our communications toolkit.

Now that we’ve completed the SMS opt-in campaign, we are excited to tell you about InfoCenter, which puts you in command of all your contact preferences. For example, you can receive general announcements by email, low lunch balance messages via text message, and attendance notifications by phone. Using InfoCenter, it is simple to tell us how to contact you for which reasons.

To see a one-minute overview video of InfoCenter, please click this link.

Parents and Guardians  It is possible for multiple adults to have their own InfoCenter accounts. For example, both Mom and Dad can have their own logins, but if Mom configures the home phone number to receive only Emergency Calls, this same preference will take place for the home phone number inside of Dad’s account as well. If you find that your contact preferences have changed after you set them, please check with any other adults who have access to your students’ information.

Also, InfoCenter is intended to allow you to specify *how* your contact information is used, but not to *collect* your contact information. In other words, if you wish to add or remove phone numbers or email addresses, you should continue to submit those via E-Registration in your PowerSchool Public Portal account.

Finally, if you’ve requested that your phone number or email address be added to the “Do Not Call” list at some point in the past, signing up for InfoCenter will not remove that restriction. If you would like your phone number or email address to be removed from the “Do Not Call” list so you can manage it with InfoCenter, please email with the phone number or email address to be removed.

Faculty & Staff Members  When creating your InfoCenter account, you will be asked to enter your email account. Please be advised, if you have a student enrolled in Muscatine Schools, you should use whatever email address you’ve included as part of your student’s PowerSchool record. This will ensure that you’ll be able to manage all the contact points for your student. If you do not have a student enrolled in school, please use your work email account when signing up for InfoCenter.

For more information about InfoCenter, including how to sign up, answers to frequently asked questions, and links to iOS and Android apps, please consult the following linked document:

InfoCenter-School_to_Community-BILINGUAL (pdf)

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