May 2019 Outstanding Employees

The MCSD Employee Recognition Award is for those employees who go above and beyond on a continual basis for students, staff, and/or parents. Nominations can come from the community, parents, staff members and students. The district will be recognizing employees monthly in their buildings as well as at the televised board meeting of that month. The district would like to take this opportunity to introduce to you and congratulate May’s best of the best at MCSD!

Ashley Patterson-Martinez – Special Ed Aide at Central Middle School
Nominated by Megan Kinsey, Whitney Ruckles, and Gailia Spenner

Ashley works each and every day with a positive attitude and a passion for the students she works with. She goes above and beyond to develop creative solutions to help students succeed. Her calm and patient presence allows students to be comfortable around her and it is clear that these students have a meaningful relationship with her. Ashley goes out of her way to collaborate with staff members to ensure that all students will be successful and motivated. Central is extremely lucky to have such an outstanding employee! Megan Kinsey and Whitney Ruckles

During my 32 years as a special education teacher, I have worked with many paraprofessionals. It is my belief that when working with students with significant behavior disorders that many of the skills needed can be taught, but the individuals that are great have a special gift. Ashley is a shining example of one of those people. She makes connections with our most at-risk students with ease, while at the same time always holding them accountable. That may sound easy to do, but it is not.  This job takes a person who has the ability to effectively deal with any given student and/or situation. Ashley is able to do that. She remains calm, caring, nurturing, and continually looks for win-wins. She always seems to have her eyes and ears open for ways she can help others. This includes not only our students, but staff, her friends, and people in our community. She is positive, organized, and hardworking. She is truly a natural and we are blessed to have her. Gailia Spenner

Deb Fisk – Food Service Manager at West Middle School
Nominated by Jane Price and Whitni Pena

Deb always goes out of her way to help out at WMS! She is always friendly to staff and students and goes above and beyond during lunch time helping to find students, delivering lunches to AEC, etc. She is a real asset to WMS! Jane Price

I would like to nominate Deb Fisk for Employee of the month. Deb is the kitchen manager at West Middle School. Not only is Deb great at managing the kitchen and making sure all lunches run smoothly she’s a huge help. Deb helps supervise lunch, organize lunch detentions and maintain a calm atmosphere in a very hectic environment. She is always there to greet the kids with a smile and help them with any needs. Deb is a wonderful employee and I am honored to work side by side with her. Whitni Pena

Katelynn Howell – First Grade Teacher at McKinley Elementary
Nominated by Kelly Gillespie

Mrs. Howell has gone above and beyond our expectations for my daughter’s first year of school at McKinley.  With our school year being so hectic with the number of snow days, there was never any doubt that Mrs. Howell still had her students at the forefront of her thoughts. She would send out different ideas via the dojo app for parents to do with students during all of our snow days.  But that is such a small part of what she has done for our daughter. Mrs. Howell not only helped Josephine achieve her academic goals but also encouraged her personal growth surrounding goal setting and confidence building. She truly has the heart of a teacher and it shows in how she touches the lives of all of her students!  Thank you seems small in comparison to what she does. Kelly Gillespie

Cathy Kramer – Science Teacher at Muscatine High School
Nominated by Emma Owens

Mrs. Kramer is awesome! She is a great teacher! She always makes sure you have everything you need for class. If you don’t have a pencil, she’ll get you one. If you don’t have paper, she’ll get you some. She makes class fun! She is also very caring. She was there for me, even outside of class. I am so glad I had Mrs. Kramer as a teacher! I wish I still had her. She was, and still is, my favorite teacher. Mrs. Kramer definitely deserves recognition for how well she teaches! Also, for how amazing of a person she is! Emma Owen


Sue Jensen – Building Aide at Central Middle School
Nominated by Ashley Patterson-Martinez and Jenni Jensen

Sue is like a ray of sunshine! Every day, no matter who you are,  when you come into CMS you can count on Sue to greet you with a warm, cheerful smile. She always makes sure to say hello to students and staff and to ask you how you’re doing. If you ever need help with anything from the printer, timecards, contacting a staff or student or just needing someone to talk to, you can count on Sue. If you are in need of a laugh I can guarantee you won’t walk away from talking with Sue without one! Ashley Patterson-Martinez

Sue is an amazing person! She’s always there when teachers need help figuring stuff out or just getting the job done! She’s amazing with the kids and if anyone is deserving of this it’s SUE! Jenni Jensen

Thank you to all who submitted names of outstanding employees this school year!

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