October 2019 Outstanding MCSD Employees

The MCSD Employee Recognition Award is for those employees who go above and beyond on a continual basis for students, staff, and/or parents. Nominations can come from the community, parents, staff members and students. The district will be recognizing employees monthly in their buildings as well as at the televised board meeting of that month. The district would like to take this opportunity to introduce to you and congratulate October’s best of the best at MCSD! To nominate a deserving individual, go to Employee Recognition Form

Kim Green – Kindergarten Teacher at Mulberry Elementary
Nominated by Brianna Nannet

“Mrs. Green continually shows undying patience and support for her kindergarten students. This is not an easy skill to have, and Mrs. Green provides great differentiation and support for her students. She is able to meet the multiple needs of students coming from all backgrounds, and she does it in a fun and inclusive classroom environment. Not only is she impressive with her students, but she is willing to help any staff member in any way she can. She is a problem solver, she is creative, and she is nurturing to all of those around her. She is a great teacher and deserves to be recognized for being a wonderful person in all circumstances that come her way.”


Cassandra Calderon – ESL Teacher at MHS
Nominated by Marisol Medina

“I nominate Cassandra Calderon because she is always making sure that the ELL students are getting all the proper help they need. There is not one day that goes by that Cassandra is always on the go and trying to see what she can do to help out the ELL students make their high school years a great experience. I’m honored to work with a person like Cassandra, she has a great heart, and always wants the best for the ELL students.”


Jeff Keith – At Risk Teacher, West Middle School
Nominated by Chris Nienhaus

“Jeff has volunteered his time over the past 1.5 years to help set up, coordinate volunteers, and deliver food to families in need with the Riverbend Mobile Foodbank. This has been a tremendous help to Muscatine families in need. Each month over 140 families are served with at least 2 weeks of food. Without Jeff’s passion and dedication to this service, it would not have happened.”


Melissa Henderson – 2nd Grade Teacher, Franklin Elementary
Nominated by Kathryn Hoelting

“Mrs. Henderson is my co-teacher here at Franklin. This is my first year as a teacher, and honestly, I am not sure where I would be without all of her help. She is so willing to share any materials with me, makes copies, and shares her lesson plans. Typically we try and plan together but with the craziness of the start of a school year that hasn’t always been possible, but she has always made sure I had the support I needed. On top of helping me, she is always going above and beyond with her students. Mrs. Henderson stays until about 5:30/6:00 pm every night ensuring she was prepared for the next school day. Each day, I see Mrs. Henderson working with students outside of the content area times, giving extra time to students to complete work. She is so good at building relationships with students to really tie into that classroom management piece. I know this is getting lengthy, but Mrs. Henderson is that teacher that all students hope to have. (I mean really how many other teachers wore a full Snow White dress when it was Disney day.) She is the type of teacher I am striving to be and Franklin is truly lucky to have a teacher like her.”

Becky Eserhaut – Elementary Physical Education Teacher
Nominated by Daphne Donald and Patty Freese

“I first met Becky years ago, when we were both members of the District’s Wellness Committee. Becky was so enthusiastic about wellness and physical exercise – I was impressed. She still is just enthusiastic today. She has always encouraged her students to be active and healthy, but she also encourages staff. In each of the buildings she has worked in, she has organized healthy activities, encouraged people to exercise, eat healthy, join Live Healthy Iowa etc. When she took the position as the PE teacher at Colorado School, a few students said they wanted to form a Running Club. Becky was happy to volunteer as their coach and met with the students after school so they could practice running. The Running Club has grown each year and this year at Madison School there are 92 students and 18 staff members who are participating. Becky has had a huge impact on the MCSD Race for the Schools. When she joined the committee, race participation and the number of volunteers grew. The best thing about Becky is her positive attitude and enthusiasm for physical education. The kids at Madison School call her “Mrs. E” for Eserhaut. But it could be E for enthusiasm.” Daphne Donald

“Elementary physical education teacher Becky Eserhaut is an inspiration to many students. Four years ago Becky started and informal, non-competitive program to get kids interested in running. The program is geared for students in grades 3-6 and takes place after school on Fridays in the spring and fall the program is so popular, it has grown to over 90 students who elected to stay after school on Fridays to run with the club! Becky is in a vivid runner and a great role model for all the students. She inspires so many students to make a healthy choice and believe I have fallen in love with running to Becky‘s running clubs. Becky does this on her own time so the students can have a safe space after school to run. This is not a school-sponsored event just her dedication to helping kids.

“In addition to the after school running club, Becky also started at Madison mileage club during recess. Kids elect to participate without adults prompting them to do so! She checks in on the students to record their mileage at recess and joins in and runs with them when she can. Not only does Becky volunteer her time with two running clubs but she is also a volunteer that helps organize the Race for the Schools 5K she truly is an inspiration, not only to the students but to adults as well.” Patty Freese

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