Susan Clark Junior High FAQs


How many teachers will be sharing rooms?

All core and exploratory teachers will have their own classrooms. There will be some teachers who are not assigned to teach their own classes all day. They will share rooms.

Will the class sizes be much larger?

Average class sizes will be very similar to the current average class size which is approximately 20-21 students per class.

Why not wait until West has been expanded to comfortably house all of the 7th and 8th graders? The overcrowding will cause added discipline issues. Wouldn’t waiting 1 or 2 more years give the builders a chance to finish renovations to West and overcrowding would not be a problem? 

There is not a need to wait due to overcrowding concerns since West’s current structure can comfortably house the number of students who would attend one middle school. 

How many students are projected to be in the building for the 2020-2021 school year? 

750 students for the 2020-21 school year.

How many students are currently at WMS this year? 

385 students are currently at West Middle School.

What is the current average class size? 20-21 students per class.

What is the anticipated class size for the 2020-2021 school year? 

Class sizes will be similar to our current class sizes of 20-21 students if we combine into one middle school.


Will students be able to choose their electives?

Students will have the opportunity to choose to participate in band, choir, and orchestra.  Additionally, all other electives will be assigned randomly to students in the same manner as middle school students are currently scheduled.

Do we have age-appropriate books on the library shelves?  Are we combining the two libraries and did books for grade 6, get moved to the grade schools? 

We have a sufficient number of library books that are age-appropriate when we combine to one middle school. Library books for 6th-grade were moved to the elementary buildings.

Is the gym space adequate for assemblies and PE? 

Yes, the PE teachers will have access to two gyms and one multipurpose classroom for their programming needs. 

Will we maintain the same course offering (giving students choices of classes) like we do today? 

Yes, combining to one middle school should lead to more curricular opportunities for students.

Will all staff from CMS be moving to WMS covering the same courses they cover today? 

The two staff have been working for over a year to ensure we have appropriate staffing levels and they will all be teaching in their endorsed areas. Additionally, there will be sufficient support staff to ensure a safe and smooth transition. 


Will there be new uniforms issued that are all the same? Yes

How do we accommodate the much larger groups of athletic teams in the gyms? 

With being able to access the new McKinley gym along with the two current gyms at West and the Central gym, practice space should not be an issue.

Will the number of coaches be the same as this year? (example: 4 total 8th-grade girls basketball coaches) Yes

Will band/choir and orchestra be able to maintain their rooms (will all students fit)? 

Yes, we are remodeling current areas in the West building to accommodate the increased number of students we will have in our fine arts programs. 

How will sports/musical/etc. be impacted by one school? 

We currently combine several sports and the musical programs between Central and West and by going to one middle school it will allow us to smoothly transition all of our extracurricular programs. 

The current Close Up Trip that each Middle School takes to Washington DC, what will happen with that? 

This trip will continue and by combining to one middle school, students will have more opportunities for extended classroom experiences. 


Are they going to do any expansion of the building to accommodate the increase in numbers?

When the district transitions to one middle school there are a sufficient amount of rooms to meet the needs of teachers and staff. Parts of the current building will be remodeled to ensure that the building is efficient. 

Do we have enough lockers at WMS to support combining the two middle schools? 

Yes, additional lockers were added and each student will have their own locker.

What physical changes have been made to the building to prepare for this process? 

Refer to the enclosed link to view the remodeling changes which will occur at West.

Will there be improvements made to the track and/or football field?

Yes, the plan is for those areas to be addressed in the construction proposal.


How long will students have for lunch at the new school?

Students will have 25 minutes for lunch, with 4 minutes passing before and after.  This is the same schedule currently in place at both middle schools.

Will the school district pay for busing my child to the new school?

All students who qualify for transportation under our current board policy will qualify as we move to one middle school.

Why are we merging into one school?

By having one middle school our junior high will be able to better prepare students emotionally and academically to transition to high school. Additionally, one middle school will promote more collaboration among teachers and lead to the improved articulation of the curriculum. 

When did the Board decide to merge the two schools?

November 2018, unanimously approved.

What will the traffic pattern look like for drop off and pick up? 

Buses will be separated from car drop off and the traffic flow on Kindler should be significantly less due to the remodel at McKinley which redirects traffic off Kindler.

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