MCSD Communications Blog – This Week in Our Schools 11/9 – 11/13

Check out what our students and staff have been doing this week:

This Week in Our Schools 11/9 – 11/13

Featured in this week’s blog:

Colorado – Veteran’s Day honorees.
Grant – Miss Dindinger’s Begindergarten class.
Grant – 3rd grade students presented to Board of Education.
Grant – Mrs. Kulland’s 2nd & 5th grade PE classes.
McKinley – Mrs. Cali’s Preschool class.
McKinley – Mrs. Boyer’s 3rd grade class.
McKinley – Mr. Othmer’s 4th grade class.
McKinley – Mr. Schroeder’s 5th grade class.
CMS – Ms. Walgren’s 7th grade math class.
WMS – Veteran’s Day honorees.
MHS – FFA Students recognized at Board of Education meeting.
MHS – Mrs. Long’s PE class.
MHS – Mrs. Joslyn’s AP Physics class.
District Staff – Jefferson Teachers.
District Staff – Mentors and Beginning Educators.



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