January 2019 Outstanding Employees

The MCSD Employee Recognition Award is for those employees who go above and beyond on a continual basis for students, staff, and/or parents. Nominations can come from the community, parents, staff members and students. The district will be recognizing employees monthly in their buildings as well as at the televised board meeting of that month. The district would like to take this opportunity to introduce to you and congratulate January’s best of the best at MCSD!

Linda Aldridge – Custodian at McKinley
Nominated by Callie Pangburn

“It is my pleasure to write to you and tell you all the ways we appreciate Ms. Linda. She embodies the spirit of McKinley by going above and beyond the expectations of her duties. I am sure that it would be much quicker to just empty trash and sweep as the nightly duties, but Ms. Linda does so much more. You can always smell where Ms. Linda has been because she uses hot soapy water to scrub all of the tables and desks every single night. She un-stacks the chairs and puts them back at each table. When I come in the next morning, she has organized my piles and supplies left out on my teacher table. She leaves treats for the kids throughout the year. For Christmas, she made individual treat bags for each of the students in every classroom she cleans and a book for the class to read. She has even left Valentines and Christmas gifts for my own child who she lovingly refers to as “chatterbox” because one night (after contract hours) I had to bring her back to school with me while I was doing some extra work and she really took a liking to Linda. We are SO lucky to have her in our school. Thank you, Miss Linda, for EVERYTHING you do.”

Jordan Meyer – Mathematics at Central Middle School
Nominated by Haley Denton

“Jordan goes above and beyond her daily duties both in the classroom and in professional settings. In the classroom, Jordan ensures that her teaching style is engaging to the students while also meeting them at their instructional level. Her classroom is one of respect, learning, and responsibility at all times. Professionally, Jordan is a true leader. She volunteers to help whenever she can and does more than her share of the work to make everything easier on her colleagues. She helps across grade levels to make sure both the staff and the students have a successful year. She is truly appreciated for the work she does in the school and deserving of recognition for her dedication to the moral and academic growth of students.”

Amanda Pursell – Special Ed Para at Central Middle School
Nominated by Amy Lilienthal

“Amanda is a new para in our building for a few students, one of them being an 8th grader in my math class. She comes into class with such a bubbly personality that her energy becomes contagious. She works great with the kids and has such a “can do” and “want to learn” attitude. She does ALL the material the kids are doing and asks questions right along with the students so she is clear on the material. She is not afraid to get involved with the students or help with the curriculum. How can we go wrong with a person who used to say that she hated math, but now LOVES math because she sees it as such a creative subject.”

Angela Sage – Mathematics at Muscatine High School
Nominated by Rachel Wagner

“Within her short time at Muscatine High School, Mrs. Sage has proven in a number of ways that she truly cares about every one of her students. That, to me, is what really makes her a special teacher. I’ve had the privilege of working with many great teachers throughout my years of schooling, but only a few stick out to me for being as genuine and memorable. Mrs. Sage is the embodiment of what I think every teacher should be. Her willingness to help, coupled with her compassion and consistency are what inspire me and so many others to succeed. Her authenticity shines through the little things she always does. In fact, walking past her room is always one of the best parts of my day because I always see her there smiling as she holds the door open for her students. She makes everybody feel wanted and appreciated, and that is one of my favorite things about her. Whether she realizes it or not, she makes so many students’ days better just by simply being herself. That’s a trait that can be hard to find. She truly cares; I can see it in everything she does, and she definitely deserves to be recognized.”

Korine Schlawin – Media Specialist at Grant Elementary
Nominated by Michelle Dusenberry

“Mrs. Schlawin is such an asset to Grant Elementary. She is kind, caring, and makes sure that she connects with all students and teachers within our school. Whether the students are in the library or within their classrooms, they are always engaged and excited to meet with our librarian. She makes sure that students LOVE reading, are engaged, and she is always willing to go above and beyond to help teachers within their classrooms as well!”

To nominate a deserving employee, go to: Employee Recognition Form

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