MCSD ESSR III Plan Summary

ESSER III Plan Summary

Elementary and Secondary School Emergency Relief 

ESSR funds are provided to State educational agencies and school districts to help safely reopen and sustain the safe operation of schools and address the impact of the coronavirus pandemic on the Nation’s students.

The Muscatine Community School District engaged with stakeholders in developing the ESSER plan. Stakeholders included school board members, students, families, school administrators, district staff members, and directors. The public had the opportunity to comment on the development of the plan through school board meetings, social media, website, in person, or by phone. The Return to Learn Plan will be reviewed every six months by MCSD stakeholders to address any revisions that may be needed. 

MCSD is required to report to the Department of Education on the following areas for the use of ESSR III funds:   2022-2023 MCSD Return to Learn

  • Plans and policies for in-person learning that ensures equity and inclusivity 
  • Public health protocols in line with CDC guidance
  • Report on remote, Hybrid, and in-person learning options
  • Student’s social, emotional, and academic needs through summer enrichment programming and other evidence-based interventions
  • Sustain and support access to early childhood education
  • COVID-19 impact on student data
  • Equity among all student subgroups
  • Spending requirements under the Federal Financial Accountability Transparency Act

MCSD ensures that records will be retained pertaining to ESSER funds. Expenditures of ESSR funds to this point have included:

  • Technology for students
  • Internet access for families
  • H-VAC systems for school buildings
  • K-12 summer school programs
  • Leveled books for students
  • Muskie LIFT (Leaders Innovating For Tomorrow) is a unique opportunity for MCSD teachers to address the learning loss of students due to the pandemic. 
  • PPE (masks, shields, and other types of protection) and social distancing supplies
  • Cleaning protocols that met CDC guidelines
  • Online learning
  • District SEB Consultation Support
  • Additional Staffing Supports Salary & Benefits
  • Health Associate Salary & Benefits
  • Constructed Nurse
  • Student Information Technology Upgrades
  • Technology for staff
  • Overload Pay
  • Counseling Support Services for Students
  • Musco Vision Updates at MHS
  • SEBH Leads Salary and Benefits
  • Transportation for Summer School
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