Superintendent’s Message Regarding Building Security

The recent school shooting in Florida has raised the question of what MCSD is doing to make our buildings as safe as possible. First, each building has a locked door policy that requires visitors to be buzzed into the building. Security cameras are a part of every school. These are the first steps in limiting an intruder’s access to a building. Keeping doors locked and monitored has been a point of emphasis for all buildings. The best and most reliable school safety measure is controlling who enters the school.

But what happens if an intruder does gain access? Each building has a lock-down procedure to secure students in the classroom until directed to leave. The advice schools are given is to make certain classroom doors can be secured and locked quickly as intruders tend to move away from rooms if there is no easy access. The district has been replacing door locks with special intruder door locks. These special locks allow for quick securing of the classroom from within without undue delay in looking for door barricading materials. The district has made the completion of that project a priority.

Can the district do more? The answer is always yes. MCSD is very fortunate to have access to an effective law enforcement agency and other first responders. The district has an on-going effort to improve the security of our students and staff. The counselors and mental health providers added to our schools this year is another indicator of the district’s commitment to safety for our students and staff. There is never one solution to a complex problem. You can be assured we will keep working to make sure the people in or entering our schools pose no threat.

Jerry Riibe, Superintendent

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