SCJH Lion King Jr. Cast & Crew Announcement 11/21/2022

Lion King Jr Cast & Tech Crew 



Rafiki – Sopheara Gonzales

Mufasa – Jacob Whitworth

Zazu – Natalie Metzger

Scar – Hunter York

Young Simba – Ethan Viner

Simba – Garrick Fillmore

Young Nala – June Terry

Nala – Mariah Williams

Banzai – Juniper Taylor

Shenzi – Aurora McBride

Ed – Elise Christy

Timon – Elyse Eichelberger

Pumba – Cadence (Candi) Petersen


Sarabi – Isabella (Bella) Noble

Sarafina – Kaiya Ulch


Lionesses – Bryleigh Nott

Lucy Murphy

Alexa Holladay

Hyenas – James Hartvigsen

Finn White

Madelyn Schweizer

Eva Kurriger

Rosemary Kuhl


Tech Crew:

Set – Isabel Leza

Marley Harfst

Costume – Amelia Velez

Shayla Schmidt

Props – Josie Gomez

Hayden Gonzelez

Lighting – Dalton Bozarth

Rowan Wieskamp

Hayle Tils

Sound – Natalie Cuellar

Bailey Detwiler

Hair/Makeup – Emily Taylor

Emily Senatra

Rainn Foster

Promotions – Gracyn McClanahan

Journey Greene

Stage Manager – Abigail Witkoske

Arianna Lee


Please Respond and let me know that you accept your assigned role. Remember, our first rehearsal is Monday, November 28th, at 3:45 in the choir room.

 There will also be a Parent Meeting Afterwards (5:00pm).

 Please make sure to bring a Parent/Guardian with you to that.


Looking forward to working with each of you!


Joanna Brewer

Susan Clark Jr. High Drama Coach

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