WMS Daily Announcements 9/25/19

WEST MIDDLE SCHOOL             ANNOUNCEMENTS                         9/25/2019


Today is a GOLD Day!


Upcoming events and dates to remember:


Deaf Awareness Week Wednesday September 25, 2019

Interesting Facts:

Did you know that…………….

  1. 250 million people, 15% of the population has some kind of hearing loss. 


  1. The outside part of your ear is called the pinna and its job is to collect and funnel sound into your ear canal. 


  1. Earwax is important for keeping dirt out of your ear canal. 


  1. The three bones in your middle ear are the smallest bones in your body, and all three could fit together on a dime. 


  1. The inner ear is called the cochlea. It is shaped like a snail shell and is about the size of a pencil eraser, but it contains more than 20,000 hairs or cilia. The cilia turn sound waves into electrical impulses that run along your auditory nerve to your brain. 


Videos:  How Hearing Works:

Hearing loss Simulation:


Muskie Store is Open! The district has partnered with Phelps Custom Apparel to offer our staff, families, and community Muskie Apparel! This online store does not close meaning that it remains open for all of your Muskie clothing needs throughout the year.
Go to: and check it out!


For your convenience all athletic and activity events can now be found on the WMS calendar.  This one stop convenient calendar will make it easy for staff, students and parents to access dates and times for all activities. Just click on the “School Calendar” tab at the top right.


If you have any questions or if your child will not be at school for any reason, you can e-mail or call 563-263-7223


LUNCH TODAY: Cheesy Nachos or Cheeseburger

9/26/19: Sweet & Sour Chicken w/ Brown Rice

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