Staff Development Course Approvals, Salary Advancement, Advanced Degree Program Approval

A great resource for information regarding Advancing on the Salary Schedule, Course Approvals, and Requesting Approval to Pursue an Advanced Degree can be found in this quick Tutorial. You will need to download the tutorial and then select “download anyway” (it is a trusted document). Make certain your sound is turned on as the slide show contains voice narration. To move from slide to slide, use your mouse or arrow keys.

Another resource to download and keep on your desktop is the Course Approval Quick Tip Sheet. This tip sheet has links of the needed forms embedded into the document along with the website address for the Iowa Board of Educational Examiners.

Advancing on the Salary Schedule

If you plan to take a course/workshop and use the credits towards salary advancement, then you must fill out the Staff Development Course Approval form, notify your principal of your intention to take the class, and submit the form  PRIOR to start of the class. A course approval form is required for each class you take.

When you believe you will have the required amount of credits needed to move to a new salary lane, you will need to complete the Advancement on the Salary Schedule form. The strict deadline for filing this form is February 28th of the year prior to the anticipated move. This lets the district know that you are intending to move to a higher salary and allows the district to budget for this higher salary amount for the next school year. Transcripts showing completion of the credits or degree must be provided to the district office designee by September 1. If official transcripts are unavailable by September 1 due to completion of summer classes, then unofficial transcripts will suffice; however, an official transcript must be received by October 1 or the salary advancement may be revoked.

Pursuing a Higher Degree

Do you want to pursue a higher degree such as a Master’s, Educational Specialist, or Doctorate? Then you will need to request approval of the program of study from the superintendent. Fill out the: Request for Approval of Advanced Degree Program of Study Form. You must be signed into your mcsdonline account to access the form.


Forms and Other Helpful Information
Advanced Degree Program of Study Approval Request Form *Must be signed into your mcsdonline account.
Advancement on the Salary Schedule form  *Must be signed into your mcsdonline account.
Course Approval Form  *Must be signed into your mcsdonline account.
Tutorial on License Renewal, Course Approval, Salary Advancement, and Degree Advancement (For the tutorial: choose “download” and then select “download anyway”) (You will need to turn your sound on as the tutorial contains voice narration.)
Staff Development Course Approval Guidelines  and Quick Tip Sheet
February 28th – Deadline to submit Advancement on the Salary Schedule form.
September 1 – Deadline for submission of transcripts verifying the salary advancement (unofficial transcripts will suffice at this time if official transcripts are not available).
October 1 – Deadline for submission of official transcripts.



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