Visiting Spectator Notes

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This is meant to be a helpful note to all spectators attending an athletic event hosted by Susan Clark Junior High. Football Practices will be played at Susan Clark football fields at the back of the school. Parking is available in the back of the school.  7th-grade football games are played at the High School stadium at Muscatine High School.  8th-grade football games are played at the High School stadium located at Muscatine High School.

Please be aware that Susan Clark Junior High School dismisses school at 3:35. Muscatine High School also releases around that time. Arriving at the scheduled venue as close to 4:00 pm as possible will help diminish parking lot congestion.

Most indoor athletic events will be held in our main gym (located in the south parking lot near the back of the school), unless there is a concert scheduled that night, in which case, the athletic event will be held in our smaller gym located directly after entering the main front doors.  Parking for athletic events will be in our main back parking lot.   Parking is PROHIBITED in front of the school from 3:10 – 3:45, due to bus pick-ups and loading of students. Please use extra caution when driving into our parking lots. Many of our students are in extracurricular activities and may be outside near you as you drive through. 

If you have any questions please contact:
Athletic Director @ Susan Clark Junior High, Katie Hyink @ 563-263-0411 or
MCSD Athletic Director, Mike Henson  @ 563-263-6141  .

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