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SCJH Athletics Information

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SCJH Athletic Director: Katie Hyink (

Please note: Athletic events held in the SCJH large gym parking should be at the back of the lot (you will enter a large gym entrance).

Athletics events held in the SCJH small gym parking should be near the front of the building (you will enter via the main entrance).



It is the mission and philosophy of Susan Clark Junior High Activities Department to empower our students to be successful as selfless competitors in the present and in the future no matter where they go beyond Muscatine High School. By participating in SCJH activities, students will gain the skills to ‘win on the field of play’ as well as to ‘win on the field of life in the present as well as beyond Muscatine High School.’

Students will be empowered by the experiences that they have while playing Muskie sports. 

The core values of the specific athletic program must be lived by our coaches and players in a way that does empower our players for success now (on and off the court/field/track) and in the future no matter where our Muskies make their home. 

Expectation #1: Core values are articulated, reinforced, and lived with our players. 

Expectation #2: Coaches will show enthusiasm for the game and their players. Players will know that their coaches care about them because of the verbal and nonverbal interactions they have with their coaches. Coaches will model respect for the game, officials, and players by their words and actions.

Expectation #3: Coaches will prepare their team for game success through quality practices that develop the individual player and team skills. Coaches will also make adjustments during competitions that increase chances for success during competitions.

Head Coaches Directory

Football 7th Grade Brian Mathis

Football 8th Grade Bob Long

Cross Country Troy Kulland

Volleyball 7th Grade Gold Addy Westercamp

Volleyball 7th Grade Purple Kalie Pillow

Volleyball 8th Grade Gold Emily Lightner

Volleyball 8th Grade Purple Logan Wilson

Girls Basketball 7th Grade Logan Wilson

Girls Basketball 8th Grade Bob Long

Wrestling Jesse Reynolds

Swim Team Susan Wheeler

Boys Basketball 7th Grade Gold Josh Lukavsky

Boys Basketball 7th Grade Purple Clay Dillon

Boys Basketball 8th Grade Gold Terry Youngbauer

Boys Basketball 8th Grade Purple Bob Long

Boys Track Troy Kulland

Girls Track Angie Kulland

Cheerleading Katie Shoppa

PomPon Ali Failor


To read more, please click here to view the SCJH 2022-2023 Athletic Department Handbook 

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Breakfast/Lunch Procedures FAQ


Q. My child wants to eat school breakfast. What should they do?

A. Breakfast is served daily in the cafeteria from 7:45-8:15. Breakfast is not served on late start days. Students may enter the building anytime after 7:45 and proceed to the cafeteria. They will move through the serving line and sit at any available table in the cafeteria. Once finished with breakfast, we ask that they clean up their area, clear their tray in the provided garbage cans and return their tray to the return window for cleaning.

Students may stay in the cafeteria, or return outside or to the small gym – depending on the weather.

Students arriving after 8:15 or are late to school will have the option of a sack breakfast that contains a pop tart, juice or milk.

Q. When can my child deposit money into their lunch/breakfast account.

A. Students can deposit money at school anytime before school or between periods. We ask that no deposits be made during lunch time. This slows up the line.

Parents may also deposit money into their child’s account online using the online service. The link is on the Muscatine Community School District website.

Q. I have heard that the school will be providing activities before school starts:

A. We are in the process of planning different activities each day of the week from 7:40-8:15. We anticipate these activities to begin after Labor Day. Please check back for more information.


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Drop Off / Pick Up FAQ


Q. If I drive my child to school where should I drop them off?

A.  Please drop them off using the parking lot side of the building at the art room door. This is the  safest place for parents to drop-off their child. It takes traffic off of Kindler Street in front of the school and does not force your child to cross traffic on Kindler and through our bus lane. Students may use the sidewalk to walk to the front of the building. On bad weather days students may enter the building through the art room entrance and proceed to breakfast or the small gym. Please do not drop-off your child in the bus lane between 7:45-8:15.

Q. If I pick up my child after school where should I pick them up?

A. The best place and the safest place to pick up is at the parking lot on the side of the building. Some parking spots are available for you to park and wait. As school employees leave and parents leave other spots become available.

It is best to talk to your child and depending on their last class of the day and their locker location you can designate a door that feeds into the parking lot to look for them. Possible doors are:

  • “Big Gym” doors – they are the doors at the far end of the parking lot with the canopy. You can park along the curb and around the grassy area at the end of the parking lot.
  • “Wrestling room” doors – they are located about mid-parking lot next to the dumpsters.
  • “Art room” doors – the first set of doors as you enter the parking lot.

If your child leaves the school via the front doors they can walk down the sidewalk directly in front of the school and meet you near the art room doors.

Q.  What areas should I stay away from when picking up, dropping off or parking at school?

A. By city law – stopping to let students out of a vehicle, or picking them up after school, or parking on Kindler across the street (east side) in front of school between the hours of 7:30 am to 8:30 am and 2:30 pm to 3:30 pm is a violation a you may be ticketed.

From a school perspective, using this area during these times is dangerous to your child as they  have to cross through our bus lane and across Kindler during heavy traffic periods to get to your car. It also congests traffic during a high usage time. Dropping off along the bus lane on Kindler also creates a danger to your child and congests traffic on Kindler during these peak usage times. We want you to use the side parking lot so your child is safe.

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Entering the Building/Morning Success Time FAQ


Q. What time will my child be able to enter West Middle School?

A. Typically, we let students enter the building at 7:45 for breakfast and activities related to Student Success Time. If students arrive before 7:45 we ask that they stay on school grounds IN FRONT OF SCHOOL and remain outside on good weather days.

A. If the weather is rainy, snowy or a temperature is below 20 degrees the students may come into school and go to the small gym located at the front of the building.

A. If your child wants to eat breakfast, they can go to the cafeteria between 7:45 and 8:15 Breakfast is not served on late start days.

A. Students may enter the building prior to 7:45 as determined by their athletic and/or music practices, or pre-arranged meetings with teachers.

A. All other students may enter at 8:15.

Q. I have heard that the school will be providing student success activities before school starts:

A. So far, we have three mornings of the week with different activities. Each day the activity runs from 7:45-8:15. Students may enter the building at 7:45. They can eat breakfast and then go to the activity or go directly to the activity. The activity days are Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday.

Q. What activities are planned in this program?

A. Wednesday – Will begin on September 28 – Community Awareness Programs/Presentations

  • Muscatine County Extension
  • Community/County Services – United Way
  • others

Thursday – Family Resources

  • Middle School Issues
  • Healthy choices in our music we listen to
  • Communication Skills – Use of technology in a healthy way

Friday – Team games sponsored by the Muscatine Community Y.

A. As the program grows we will be offering activities on Monday and Tuesday. If you would like to be involved in helping or sponsoring an activity, call Ed Ellis at West Middle School 263-0411 or email Ed at


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