Pick Up and Drop Off


  1. Busses will drop students off on the south side of the building in the parking lot.
  2. Cars will drop students off in the front of the building. Cars will enter the current bus lane from the north (from Fulliam Ave past McKinley School). After dropping off students, drivers will proceed south on Kindler toward Newell Ave.
    • It will not be possible to turn left toward Fulliam between 7:30 and 7:45.
    • Those who must come from the south OR have students at McKinley are encouraged to drop all students off at McKinley. West students can cross Kindler using the light. Please do not drop students off and have them walk across the traffic.
    • Doors open at 7:45, students are allowed in the halls at 8:25 and the tardy bell rings at 8:30.

After School – No change to current procedures

  1. Busses will pick students up on the south side of the building.
  2. Cars will pick students up in the front of the building. Car riders will not be allowed to be picked up in the bus lot.
  3. Dismissal is at 3:30.
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