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English Language Learner Program

The English Language Learners’ (ELL) Program is an instructional support service available to non-English speaking students or to students who speak some English but have a language other than English spoken at home.

Program Goals

  • Increase the language proficiency of English language learners.
  • Increase academic achievement of English language learners.
  • Promote parental and community participation in the Muscatine Community School District’s ELL programs.


Referral to the ELL program begins by completion of the Home Language Survey.  Students for whom English is not their first language will be tested using the IPT and/or Iowa-Education Language Development Assessment (IELDA).  Students who score as non-English or limited- English proficient qualify for services.  Parents will be notified of placement in the ELL program.


The Muscatine Community School District offers a variety of program options to meet the English language learners’ educational needs.

These include

  • ELL self-contained classes
  • ELL instruction in the regular classroom
  • ELL push-in instruction
  • Paraeducator support in ELL and regular classrooms
  • Daily small group instruction in the ELL classroom

Other Information

The Muscatine Community School District ELL Program serves approximately 300 kindergarten through twelfth grade students.  The program is staffed by 12 teachers and 9 Paraeducators.  Throughout the year, ELL teachers meet monthly following a set agenda.  The time is used for educational training as well as for networking purposes among the buildings and grade levels.  Staff development opportunities are available for the ELL staff through conference attendance and workshops.  The ELL teachers work with the general education teachers, presenting information and strategies to boost academic achievement of ELL students.

ELL Handbook

Iowa Guidelines for ELL testing
ELL Waiver
ELL Student Information Sheet
ELL Self Study Guide
ELL Permission to test or Serve
ELL Parent Notifcation to Exit
ELL MCSD Action Plan 10-11
ELL Exit Dismissal Form
ELL District IELDA Report
Home Language Survey

For more information on ELL services follow this link to the iowa Department of Education ELL Services:

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