Teacher Leadership & Compensation System

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Professional collaboration with a focus on results, alignment of curriculum with the Iowa Core, and high-quality professional learning constitute a framework predicated on teacher leadership and are what drive the work of TLC and DINA. The TLC system will strengthen ongoing efforts to achieve our district goals and will further our efforts to reduce the achievement gap.

Curriculum & Professional Development Leader:

  • CPDL General information
    • CPDL Positions
      • 1 Elementary CPDL Generalist
      • 1 Middle School CPDL Generalist
      • 1 High School CPDL Generalist
    • Job Description: Curriculum Professional Development Leader (CPDL)
    • 3 Career teachers with an additional salary of $12,000.
    • 15 extra contract days to strengthen the curriculum and professional learning in the district.

Instructional Coach:

  • IC General Information
  • Job Description: Instructional Coach
    • 15 career teachers with an additional annual salary of $7,000 (8 elementary, 3 middle school, 4 high school).
    • 10 extra contract days to collaborate with building principals and CPDLs in order to strengthen instructional leadership of teaching staff.

Model Teacher:

  • MT General Information
  • Job Description: Model Teacher
    • 80 career teachers with an additional annual salary of $2,000.
    • 2 extra contract days to receive in professional learning in order to strengthen professional practices.

Other Information:

If you have questions about any information contained on this page or about TLC in general, please use the following email address to submit your questions.

The Muscatine Community School District is an equal opportunity employer.

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