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Muscatine Education Association 2023-2024

Executive Board Members


Melissa Schumaker (Grant)


Tammy Holcomb (McKinley)


Jessica Jones (Jefferson)


Lynn Sterner (SCJH)

Teacher Rights

Kathi Eichelberger (MELC)

ISEA Delegates

Mackenzie Strouf (Jefferson)

Jamie Franklin (Madison)


Morgan Howe (Jefferson)

High School Representative

Kyle Kennedy (MHS)

Junior High Representative

Liz Panther (SCJH)

Elementary Representative

Sarah Manjoine (Jefferson)

Membership Chair

Jessica Jones (Jefferson)

Building Representatives

Muscatine High School

Mark Begey

Susan Clark Junior High

Liz Panther &  Emily Goddard

McKinley Elementary

Kelli Pedersen &  Tammy Holcomb

Grant Elementary

Melissa Schumaker

Jefferson Elementary

Jessica Jones

Madison Elementary

Nance Ward, Jamie Franklin

Mulberry Elementary

Becky Eserhaut

Franklin Elementary

Trisha Weeks

Muskie Early Learning Center

Kathi Eichelberger

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