Curriculum & Instruction

The Muscatine Community School District Curriculum department strives to meet the needs of all learners in the areas of curriculum, assessment, instruction, and special programming.


The Muscatine Community School District Facilities & Maintenance Department cares for and maintains our school facilities and grounds.


The finance department is responsible for handling accounts payable/receivable, budgets, bulk mailings, insurance, payroll, and purchasing.

Food & Nutrition

The Food & Nutrition department handles meal preparation, free & reduced application processing, staff & student meal accounts, and coordination of all school kitchens, meals, and food service programs.

Health Services

While health care is primarily the responsibility of the family unit, the MCSD nurses strive to promote a safe and healthy learning environment for all students.  The school nurses focus on a holistic approach to minimize the health-related barriers to student success.

Human Resources

The Human Resources Department supports our team of staff members who are dedicated to providing quality education and enrichment to all students.

Student Supports & Services

The Muscatine Community School District offers a wide variety of services in order to provide the best educational experience for each and every student. This department handles 504 plans, at risk, homeless, home school programs, preschool, special education, and summer programs.


Technology can be exciting, overwhelming, frustrating or liberating and surrounds us in every facet of our lives–from life saving medical equipment or the bit of code that reminds you when the oil needs changed in your car.  In the Muscatine Community School District our department’s goal is to make it relevant and at the same time transparent in the education of our students.


The Transportation department travels over 360,000 miles transporting approximately 2,800 children to and from school each day. Add the 1,200 or so activity and field trips that bring our yearly mileage total to over 420,000.