Muskie Way


Our Core Purpose and Distinction

Every student will excel in thinking, learning, achieving, and caring in partnership with our staff, families, and community.

Core Values

Drivers of Our Words and Actions


Seek first to understand and then be understood


Inclusion and equity in all we do


Align our words and actions with values and beliefs


High Expectations, high performance, and high results


Together we achieve more than alone


What We Are Committed to Create

Every Student is a Success Story

  • Engaging in real and relevant learning
  • Being respected, accepted, and celebrated
  • Developing personalized pathways

Strategic Direction

Focused Actions of Improvement

Delivery of an equitable system to support the whole child by:

  • utilizing sound, consistent learning practices in all classrooms
  • aligning our academic curriculum and instruction to our learning standards
  • providing social-emotional and behavioral systems of support and practices
  • increasing efficiency and effectiveness of district operations and improving our support of schools

Download The Muskie Way

View and download our branded English and Spanish version of The Muskie Way on Google Drive.