401.11 Leaves of Absence Without Pay



An extended leave of absence without pay may be approved by the Board of Education upon written application by the employee.  The Board expects that some reasonable benefit will occur to the district when considering requests for extended leave of absence.  The Board also expects some reasonable assurance that the employee will return to the school district following the leave of absence.

A routine request for an extended leave of absence will be for up to one calendar year and will not be renewed or extended.  All extended leave requests are subject to the provisions of the bargaining agreements in place with the district.  The Board reserves the right to consider extenuating circumstances when contemplating requests for extended leaves of absence.  An employee’s length of service to the district and the likelihood of finding a suitable replacement may be factors that the Board considers when taking action on such a request.

The Board of Education has sole discretion in approving extended leave of absence requests.


Approved:              5/8/95          Reviewed:        11/08/10         Revised: ___________

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