401.12 Workers’ Compensation



All employees in the Muscatine Community School District are eligible for Workers’ Compensation coverage if injured on the job in accordance with Iowa law. If such an injury occurs, it is the responsibility of the employee to file an accident report within 24 hours. Any and all injuries shall be treated by the school district’s designated worker’s compensation physician(s). Emergency assistance should be obtained from Unity Hospital or the nearest hospital or medical facility. Any attempt to seek treatment from other than the district approved physician(s) may result in the employee being responsible for payment for the treatment.

It is the responsibility of the district’s benefit accountant to file worker’s comp claims.

LEG REF:         Iowa Code §§ 85; 279.40; 613.17.    1972 Op. Att’y Gen. 177.

Approved:             2/81             Reviewed:       3/10/14           Revised:        02/08/16___

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