MCSD Foundation

What is the Muscatine Community School Foundation?

The Muscatine Schools Board of Education established the Foundation in 1983. The purpose of the Foundation is to accept and distribute gifts and bequests for the benefit of the district, primarily in the form of scholarships for students.

The Foundation is empowered to hold, administer, manage, invest and distribute the gifts, bequests and trusts established for the exclusive benefit of students in our community.

The Foundation is separate from, but in support of the public school system and is monitored by the Muscatine Board of Education.

Who Operates the Foundation?

The Foundation Board consists of the superintendent, the high school principal, and five community members appointed by the Board of Education. Community members serve three year terms and may serve for two terms.

The Board also has a secretary and treasurer. The treasurer is responsible for the management and accounting of all funds and for preparation of financial statements for the Foundation Board.

For more information on the Foundation or to discuss a gift, please call:

Board of Directors
Fred Colony
Mark Dunsmore
Greg Harris
Tom Hickey
Chris Ingstad
Joni Anderson Secretary
Michael McGrory Vice-President
Jerry Riibe President 563-263-7223
Brietta Collier Treasurer
Hall of Honor Inductees & Honorary MCSDF Directors
John Axel
Ron Axel
William P. Johnson
John Jarrett
Dr. Jim Yong Kim
Paul Snyder
William Dickinson
Richard Stanley
Donald Bently
Eli Glatstein
Donald Grensing
Stan Howe
Marvin Krieger
Evelyn Schauland
Richard Stanley
Jim Sturms
Harlan Phillips


Why Should I Give?

You have the power to make a difference in a student’s life. As the cost of education continues to rise, the gift of a scholarship or partial scholarship may be the only thing that enables a student to go on to higher education.

You may wish to give your support to an existing program in which you have an interest. Your gift may be used to help support programs which have inadequate funding or to help meet unexpected financial emergencies.

Unrestricted gifts are also helpful because of the flexibility. The schools can always benefit from your help.

How Can I Give?

Support may be given in the form of gifts or bequests.

Large gifts can be used to establish perpetual funds, in the name of a donor or in memory of a donor, with the income generated each year to be given as a scholarship. Large gifts are funds yielding scholarships of $500 minimum.

Smaller gifts can be used to provide a one time scholarship or they can be pooled to provide for general scholarship grants.

All gifts to the Foundation are tax deductible and specific tax laws may make certain types of giving more advantageous to you than others.

Muscatine Class Reunions

Before your next class reunion, please consider contacting Chuck Van Hecke, Foundation Director, for detailed information on how your class can contribute to the Muscatine School Foundation.

Foundation Scholarships

  • Class of 1984
  • Class of 1974
  • Class of 1978
  • Roy J. Carver Charitable Trust
  • Max A. Collins, Sr. Music
  • Community Service
  • Lori Dahms-Krenz Memorial
  • Enrique Ferreira Scholarship
  • Fosholt Engineering/Architecture
  • Clyde E. Gabriel
  • Robert Herwig Scholarship
  • Thelma Howe Scholarship
  • Robert Jasper Memorial
  • Jean Lettenberger Memorial
  • Virginia Lorimor Memorial
  • Masterson Memorial
  • Elaine May YMCA Scholarship
  • Mente Fellowship of Christian Athletes
  • Robert Nietzel Scholarship
  • Jeanette Phillips Crossroads Scholarship
  • Don & Dorothy Platt Scholarship
  • Roach Scholarship
  • Ruth Scholarship
  • Maria Ruthenberg Memorial
  • Erich T. Schepers Memorial
  • Elvira Trevarthen Memorial
  • Dr. Russell N. Ward
  • Wittich-Lewis
  • Julia Wojtecki Memorial
  • Jerry Lange Educational Scholarship
  • MCSF General Scholarship
  • Dr Bruce Heezen Memorial
  • German Student Scholarship
  • Richard Davis Memorial
  • Ed Ware Memorial
  • Mathew B. Seligman Memorial
  • Muscatine Foundation Scholarship
  • Class of 1953
  • Class of 1956
  • Ellen Fessler Scholarship
  • Hall of Honor Scholarship
  • Virginia Hanson Scholarship
  • Harold and Corrine Marx Scholarship
  • Temp Associates Scholarship
  • TheodoraZorich Scholarship
  • Jim and Arlene KaedingScholarship
  • Maurice and Donna Reed Scholarship
  • Dr. Benjamin Clove Scholarship
  • H.J. Heinz Scholarship
  • Brenda Garcia-Van Auken State Farm Scholarship
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