Staff List

West Middle School Staff
Department Name Email Address
Alexander, Paula Navigator
Alvidrez, Sara Art
Anson, Alison Math Teacher
Bartell, Bob Electronics/Flight and Space
Begey, Mark Social Studies Teacher
Blackwood,Mary Food Service
Blanchard, Jessica Orchestra
Bloomquist, Jenny Librarian
Brand, Stephanie Guidance Clerk
Carlson, Madeline SE Teacher
Castillo, Katherine Science Teacher
Chesling, Gina Social Studies Teacher
Colvin, Tanise Administrator
Curtis, Angie TAG
Dillon, Clay Physical Ed.
Drake, Jessica AEA Consultant
Duran, Emillie ELL Teacher
Eggers, Jodan SE Para
Eichelberger, Emily SE Para
Fallon, Rachel Language Arts Teacher
Fisk, Debora Food Service Mgr.
Fox, Erin Science Teacher
Goddard, Emily Language Arts Teacher
Harding, Deanna Food Service
Harmon, Scott Health
Hartman, Dave Custodian
Hartman, Krista Attendance Clerk
Herrera, Blanca English Learner Para
Hicks, Walter Band
Hill, Emily SE Teacher
Hill, Sarah DHH Resource Teacher
Hines, Rich Technology
Horton, Angela Language Arts Teacher
Hyink, Katie Physical Education
Joyce, Amber Counselor
Keith, Jeff Student Advocate
Kvapil, John Coding
Kwirant, Kala Social Studies Teacher
LeClere, Andrew Robotics, Design, Electronics
Lowe, Rhonda SE Para
Mani DeMedina, Catalina Food Service
Martin, Tammy Food Service
Mathis, Brian Language Arts Teacher
Matkovich, LeighAnn SE Para
Meeker, Emily SE Teacher
Middagh, Cheryl SE Teacher
Minder, Jean SE Para
Mitchell, Harold Custodian
Mitchell, Teresa Custodian
Murdock, Sara Food Service
Nienhaus, Chris Administrator
Ortega, Rachael SE Teacher
Panther, Elizabeth Language Arts Teacher
Peine, Shonna Food Service
Plemmons, Erin SE Teacher
Plummer, Rachel Orchestra
Price, Jane Office Clerk
Proehl, Breanna Language Arts Teacher
Bernard, Rachel SE Para
Rangel, Jeanette Building Para
Reeves, Erika Building Para
Reeves, Sharon Custodian
Reimers, Julie SE Para
Riley, Breanna Language Arts Teacher
Rudolph, Sidney SE Para
Schreiner, Jonathan Counselor
Schroeder, Laurie PLTW Teacher
Sell, Amy Library Para
Shield, Mike Student Advocate
Shoultz, Angela School Resource Officer
Smith, Aaron SS Teacher
Soy, Lisa Math Teacher
Spaulding, Beth SE Para
Strunk, Andy Science Teacher
Swartzendruber, Nathan Chorus
Titus, Alisha SE Para
Tometich, Vicki Business Teacher
VandeZandschulp, Megan Nurse
Watson, Kathy Secretary
White, Kristine SE Para
Wiebe, Ashley Agriculture Teacher
Willett, Brian SE Teacher
Woodward, Bret Math Teacher
Wright, Dan Safety Liaison
Wulf-Hamilton, Sarah Food Service
Yoakam, Loretta Food Service
Young, Jasmin School Psychologist
Zumwalt, Debra Food Service
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