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WMS Staff List
Rodocker, Perry  Principal  
Olmstead, Mark  Assistant Principal  
All other staff are arranged alphabetically.
Alcorta, Cindy SE Para
Banko, Angie Healthy Living
Baxter, Judy SE Para
Beatty, Stacy Language Arts – 6th Grade
Bender, Shawn Custodial
Bertotti, Amy Social Studies – 6th Grade
Bezdek, Sarah Language Arts – 8th Grade
Blackwood, Mary Food Service
Blanchard, Jessica Orchestra
Brand, Stephanie Guidance Clerk
Brockert, Renee Food Service
Carter, Lisa Food Service
Castillo, Katherine Science – 8th Grade
Chavarria, Teresa Instructional Coach
Colon, Edwin Guidance Counselor
Crouse, LeAnn Lunch Supervison
DeMedino, Catalina Food Service
Dillion, Clay Physical Education 6-8
Draper, Wynna AEC Para
Duffe, Marcy Math – 6th Grade
Echelbarger, Sally Special Education Teacher
Ehrmann, Bridget AEA
Evans, Diana SE Para
Eves, Jonathan Social Studies – 7th Grade
Freese, Patty Custodial
Fox, Erin Science – 7th/8th Grade
Goddard, Emily Language Arts – 7th Grade
Golien, Katie Physical Education 6-8
Golien, Mendy SE Para
Hartman, Dave Custodial
Hartman, Krista Attendance Clerk
Hayes, Jame Art/Drawing 6-8
Herrera, Blanca ELL Para
Hicks, Walter Band 6-8
Hill, Sarah Hearing Impaired
Hillman, Denise Language Arts – 8th Grade
Hines, Rich Computer Technology
Hogenson, Brianne Math – 7th Grade  
Houk, Ashely Language Arts – 6th Grade
Horton, Angela Language Arts – 7th Grade
Johnson, Aggie SE Reading
Justus, Amy Instructional Coach
Kaiser, Kailyn Social Studies 6th/7th Grade
Kirchner, Jonie Math – 8th grade
Kulick, Teresa Nurse
Kwirant, Kala Social Studies 7th/8th Grade
Larson, Lynette Language Arts – 8th Grade
LeClere, Andrew Robotics, Design, Electronics
Longcor, Shila Food Service
Marks, Sheila Special Education Teacher
Marlette, Jodie AEA
Martinez, Andi Science – 6th/7th Grade
Mathis, Brian Language Arts – 7th Grade
Matkovich, LeighAnn SE Para
Matteson, Amy Language Arts – 6th Grade
Middagh, Kristy SE Para
Mitchell, Teresa Custodial
Mosier, Brenda Media Center Clerk
Mullikin, Jenny PLTW – STEM
Naber, Deb Building Aide/Cafe
Orr, Heather At Risk Para
Ortega, Rachael Special Education Teacher
Panther, Elizabeth Instructional Coach
Plemmons, Erin Special Education Teacher
Plett, Lynn SE Para
Ralston, Lynn Math – 8th grade  Web Site
Reeves, Sharon Custodial
Register, Tenneil TAG 6-8
Rivera, Matt Social Studies – 8th Grade
Rogers, Kathrine Teacher Librarian
Runyon, Heather SE Math
Ryan, Linda AEA
Schippers, Kathleen English Language Learners
Schoenig, Barbara Food Service Baker
Schroeder, Laurie Science – 7th Grade
Schubick, Melinda SE Para
Schulte, Susan SE Para
Sell, Amy SE Para
Shield, Mike At Risk Teacher
Soenksen, Dee Building Secretary
Soy, Lisa Math – 6th Grade
Stutzel, Megan Math – 7th Grade
Teel, Jerry Special Education Teacher
Tolle, Tristan Chorus 6-8
Thompson, Melissa Building Clerk
White, Kristine SE Para
White, Theresa Guidance Counselor
Whitlow, Renee SE Para
Wiebe, Ashley Agriculture 6-8
Yerington, Eric Science – 6th Grade
Yoakam, Loretta Food Service
Zumwalt, Debe Food Service Baker
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