501.02 Attendance Policies



Students will be expected to attend classes regularly and to be on time in order to receive maximum benefit from the instructional program, to develop habits of punctuality, self-discipline and responsibility, and to assist in keeping disruption of the educational environment to a minimum.  Students who have good attendance records are most likely to achieve higher grades, enjoy school life to a greater degree, and have more employment opportunities after leaving school.  Prospective employers expect promptness and regular attendance from employees and are reluctant to hire persons who have not established good habits of attendance and punctuality.  Life-long patterns of responsibility and self-discipline are fostered by regular attendance and promptness during the years of school attendance.

While it is possible for an absent student to make up much of the school work missed, it is impossible to completely compensate for absence from classes.  Absences always cause some disruption in the educational progress of the student who is absent.  In order to maintain interest and understanding in a program of instruction, students should not be absent any more than is absolutely necessary.  Students who are absent may not understand what the teacher is currently presenting, and may also become discouraged with the double burden of keeping current and making up missed work.  Irregular attendance or tardiness by students not only retards their own studies, but also may interfere with the progress of those pupils who are regular and prompt in attendance.

There are times, however, when school officials may determine that the problems associated with the absence from classes are outweighed by the advantages of another school activity.  Attendance at such approved trips will not be considered an absence from school.  Every effort will be made by school officials to keep these absences from class to a minimum.


Approved:  ____2/12/90______    Reviewed:  ____4/22/13___   Revised: __________

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