701.03 Requirements of the Budget Document



The budget document must include the following information:

  1. The estimated amount of income for the several funds from sources other than taxation;
  2. The amount proposed to be raised by taxation;
  3. The amount proposed to be expended in each and every fund and for each object code summary during the ensuing fiscal year;
  4. A comparison of the amounts proposed to be expended with amounts expended for like purposes during the two preceding years;
  5. Classified estimates for each particular class of proposed expenditures, showing under separate heading the amounts required, in such manner and form as prescribed by the State Board.

The budget document shall also contain a brief explanatory section to show any program changes for the ensuing year that may be responsible for changes in expenditures.

LEGAL REF:            Iowa Code 24.3, 24.5, 298.1; Chapter 442

Approved:           4/9/90             Reviewed:          10/27/14          Revised: ____________

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