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This site is intended to provide information to stakeholders in the community about possible facility renovations at Muscatine High School. The site is organized so that recent information appears at the top. We encourage visitors to this site to view the materials that are available and to provide input using the “Feedback Form” that is linked below.

January 20, 2012 – Update

The following timeline lays out the process that has been followed as the proposed high school project has unfolded. MHS Design Timeline
Follow this link to view a video of the community forum that was held on Monday, January 16 regarding the potential high school renovation. MHS Community Forum Video
The following series of slides includes background information regarding the scope of the project as well as how the project will be financed. MHS Public Forum Presentation
Included here are four architectural plans of the proposed high school renovation. Each of the plans (options 1, 2, and 3) includes elements that are slightly different. Option 2 and Option 3 were developed as a result of discussions with faculty at the high school. The plans are high-resolution pdf documents and are able to be magnified in order to view fine detail. The Muscatine Community School District Board of Directors is researching the different options and will determine the course of action that is taken at the high school.
Click on the link to the right to view notes the architectural team gathered in June during their brainstorming time with teachers at the high school. MHS Pre-Design Kick Off Meeting Notes
Feedback Form

November 21, 2011 – Update

The Muscatine Community School District Board of Directors is exploring possible changes to the Muscatine High School facility. The heating and cooling system (HVAC) has outlived its usable life span and needs to be replaced in the very near future. While options are being considered with the HVAC system, it has become apparent that this would be an optimal and economical time to address many other items of need that exist in the original building. Two of the primary issues that would be addressed in the existing classrooms are: 1) many do not provide adequate space and 2) temporary walls separating some rooms result in poor acoustics and high levels of noise that transfer from room to room.

A group of teachers, maintenance/custodial workers, and administrators convened in June of 2011 to provide input to an architectural firm regarding needed improvements to the high school facility. The discussion started by focusing on mechanical functionality, life safety issues, and improving the academic learning climate, which might be impacted by the replacement of the HVAC system. It soon became apparent that staff could easily identify a long list of pressing needs, many of which had not previously been identified.

The 33 pages of input given by that cross-section of staff were taken by the architects, refined, sorted, prioritized and resulted in a series of conceptual drawings that was shared with the Board of Directors on Monday, October 24, 2011. Additional items contained in the conceptual drawings include: new restrooms near the gymnasium, renovated locker rooms, a new entry point to the library, additional parking on the south side of the building, an adequately sized weight room, and an additional wing on the south side of the building. Additional square footage would be needed to accommodate existing classrooms being expanded to approximately 850/900 square feet from many that now serve full classes of students with approximately 550 square feet.

The Board of Directors is seeking input from the community regarding any possible changes to the high school facility. Please click on the link below to provide feedback.


Conceptual Architectural Drawings

Cedar Street view (with labels)

Library entrance (West end)

Cedar Street Entry

Library entrance (West end both floors)

Weight room (West side of building)

Top view of MHS
(light color indicates new space)


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