School Intruder Training for MHS Students

Tuesday, February 23, 2021

On Thursday, February 25th, Muscatine high school will be presenting information to students on how the school buildings would respond to an intruder.

At a designated time, students in the area they are assigned will watch a video produced by the high school’s resource officer highlighting the “Run, Hide, Fight” approach in dealing with an active shooter. A prepared statement will then be read by each student’s teacher at that time. The video and prepared statement can be viewed/read below.

At the end of the presentation, a Google form will be made available to students where they may ask further questions. The goal will be to answer these questions as quickly as possible. The responses will be made available for everyone to review.

The presentation/discussion will conclude after 30 minutes and students will be released to follow their regular class schedule. We are hopeful that by providing this information to students that they will feel more confident in actions that they would take if such an event ever took place.

We appreciate your support in this matter. Muscatine Schools is dedicated to providing a safe and productive learning environment for its students.

Additional information for MHS Students click here.

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