Depositing Money in Your Child’s Meal Account

Currently there are two online services available that will allow you to deposit money into your student’s meal account.  Both of which will allow you to enter this deposit from the comfort of your home using a credit card.  There are some pros and cons to both services, so please read the information below. We believe that InTouch will add more services as time goes on, so check this list often for changes.

You may also continue to fund your child’s account using check, cash or credit at the building directly.  The following services are for those parents who wish to do so from home.

Online Option for Depositing Money in Food Service Accounts

A 3rd party service the district partners with that is used for interacting with a student’s food service account and other school fees.


  • View student(s) meal account balance
  • Manage all your students in one account
  • Setup auto-payment triggered by low balance

Note: in order to link to a student, you will need to know their student ID. You can call the school where your student attends to request their student ID.

Please also consider creating a Parent account in PowerSchool which will allow you to monitor attendance, grades etc.