Per Board Policy 501.5, elementary school students are expected to attend their assigned school building based on their home address. The Voluntary Transfer Form is for parents who want their student to attend a different elementary school within the Muscatine Community School District. All requests for an exception to this policy shall be considered “Voluntary Transfer Request”. As such, students do not have access to school transportation.

Open Enrollment is the process by which a parent or guardian residing in an Iowa district may enroll their child into another Iowa school district.

Voluntary Transfer Request Guidelines

Action will not be taken until after registration in July.

Incoming kindergarten students will be expected to attend the “Sneak A Peek” at their assigned building.

Parents will be notified of their Voluntary Request approval/denial as soon as the registration process is complete and no later than the last week in August.

For additional information please review Board Policy 501.5(R1):

501.5(R1) Elementary School Transfers – Administrative Regulations

When a parent or guardian requests an in-district voluntary transfer prior to the beginning of the school year; the request may not be acted upon until after the first week of school. This will ensure three things; 

  • the district has accurate class size numbers
  • there is adequate space for those students who live in the attendance center area 
  • and there is adequate space for transfer students from another attendance area  

Students will be expected to attend the school in their home attendance center unless  a voluntary transfer is approved.  Parents may request which school they would like their student to attend, however voluntary transfers will only be approved if there is space in the requested building.  If a request is denied due to lack of space, the district will notify parents of the elementary schools that have space in their buildings.  Kindergarten students with siblings who have been approved for voluntary transfer are automatically  approved to attend the same elementary school as their siblings. 

Mid-year voluntary transfers will  be considered on a case by case basis. The district will not consider voluntary transfers when a student has poor attendance or is not in good standing at their current school building. In order for a transfer to be considered the parent/guardian and school personnel (building principal, guidance counselor, resource navigator, school nurse, teacher, etc.) must attempt to formally solve the problem.  It is always best for students when parents and the school work together. Steps to solve the problem include:

  1. What is the most significant problem for the student in school?
  2. If this problem were solved, how would things be different for the student?
  3. What help or resources does the student, parents, and the school need to solve this problem?
  4. What are the three most important steps necessary to solve this problem?
  5. How and when will progress on the plan to solve this problem be communicated?

If the problem(s) still exists after all of the above has been attempted, the superintendent may reconsider the request to voluntary transfer  to another school.